bunn (bunn) wrote,

Some arty stuffs.

First one: an Old Gondolin, from my Return to Aman world where Gondolin has reappeared to be visited by Bilbo and Glorfindel in the Fourth Age.

This is pretty much a paint-along with Colin-the-Art, except that I substituted a ship for the rocks.  A handy tutorial on painting in the style of Turner.

We had some small hexagonal cards around the place, from a You're Hired Plymouth challenge that sadly had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.  I decided to make some tesselating pencil Feanorians.  Maedros in the middle, Maglor top right and the rest in age order around the outside.

And finally, a very old and not at all movie Bilbo Baggins.

Tags: arty stuff, tolkien

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