bunn (bunn) wrote,

Terrible Hound!

Arrrggh, Theo keeps getting out of the garden to visit the pair of little terrier ladies who are staying with their owner's Mum at the top of it. And he won't do it when I'm looking at him!

I've put fencing all the way along the hedge, and I'm SURE he can't get through that, because when I call him back he gets stuck the wrong side of it, and dances and cries because he can't get through. But somewhere, there must be a gap that he's going out through and I can't FIND it (and apparently, on the way back, neither can he.) If I go in the garden with him, he just sits and looks at me hopefully until I give up and go in to get a cup of tea or something, and then he's GONE.

I mean, he comes back when I call him. But he really shouldn't be just randomly roaming the village until I realise that he's not in the house or sunbathing with Rosie (What a nice well-behaved dog Rosie is, the terrier's grandmother said pointedly as I apologised for Theo...)

Have resorted to buying a Tile bluetooth tracker thingy, which should allow me to see where he's gone. I hope the map will give enough detail that I can work out where his secret exit is.

In other news, walking back down into the village after my dog walk this morning, I saw a fluttering in the tree-shadows in the middle of the the road.

It looked like a bird in distress: I wondered if it was a fledgeling, or injured, as I threw myself dramatically backwards hauling on the leads to prevent the eager hounds leaping upon it.

Then I thought, well, I can't leave it there, it will get run over, I can't pick it up with two hounds in tow... maybe if I hooked the hounds to a tree, picked up the bird, somehow tied the hounds around my waist, held the bird in the air, and walked down to the next house, where my friend from art class lives? She has hens, she must know what to do about small distressed feathery things... but what about social distancing????

At this point I realised I was being stared at by four very small beady eyes, and that what I had taken for a greenfinch or something in distress, was actually two tiny wrens, caught in the very act of making more wrens.

Then they flew away.
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