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So far, no motion from any of the seeds I'm trying to sprout.  Possibly they are all Too Old.

I painted the painting I offered for the Fandom Trumps Hate auction, which was a scene from the c-drama The Untamed, which by coincidence, I was part-way through watching anyway.

I've now watched to the end, and I did enjoy it, though the pace seemed a bit slow in the last few episodes (perhaps that was my fault though: I tend to sketch while watching TV, and this is not a good thing if you are watching a program with subtitles in slightly eccentric English. Anything would feel slow if the watcher ends up rewinding it a couple times to try to work out all the implications of what has been said.)

I had no context for this series at all, so I suspect that many of the ideas that seemed so novel were less specific to this series, and more me encountering part of something of which I was completely clueless.

Still, I enjoyed watching it, and also, I painted this:

I feel that I got the resemblance pretty well and the recipient liked it!

And then I also finished this, which was a commission I picked up on Reddit: three adventurers and their GM, which is now winging its way across the atlantic to the GM.

 I feel like my painting/drawing still has a good number of rough edges, and am not really sure if I should be doing commissions yet.  A good half-way house for practice seems to be the r/characterdrawing subreddit, where people submit their RPG characters to be drawn (or not).  This has the advantage of presenting an ever-changing lineup of prompts, coming from a real person who may have little idea of how to prompt art.

Here are a couple I made:

A tiny elderly forest gnome ranger with a stupid sheep companion:

And a beardless dwarf (!!!) who is a devotee of a 'memento mori' cult.

In other creative news, I randomly picked up my bamboo flute and played it a bit today, and then, feeling inspired, dug out my ancient clarinet and music books.  It's SO LONG since I played, I had almost forgotten how to read music, and to begin with I couldn't get the top notes, but once I had played for a bit, it started coming back.  I think I'll try it again tomorrow.

I feel like I'm sort of standing still a lot of the time.  I know that the world for most people has changed fundementally and in very difficult ways, yet here, we have made small accommodations, but life poddles on not very unlike its state before. It feels wrong somehow, though I have no idea what would feel right. On the other hand, I have made some art and a little music, and that's a small achievement at least.
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