bunn (bunn) wrote,

Squiggly Poodles

Lurcherlink rescue, from which I adopted Rosie Roo, ran a Random Art Auction: people made a donation, and got randomly assigned to someone who would draw their dog(s).  Some of the people drawing were entirely without any artistic pretentions: others were professional artists.  This seemed like a good opportunity to try something a bit different...

This was my first draft. I carefully drew it in the pen that I had tested as wet-safe and unlikely to run. 

... of course once I tested it more thoroughly, it turned out to run like nobody's business on the specific paper I was using.
Undeterred, I decided to roll with it.

On the left, the photo, on the right, my response to it.   I can't decide whether this is interestingly arty and semi-abstract, or just a blob and I should try again.
Tags: arty stuff, dogs

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