bunn (bunn) wrote,

The weather continues fine

I don't think I remember a spring quite so consistently warm and sunny.  It won't be a good year for bluebells at this rate.

Seed-buying websites are overrun with eager shoppers, stuck at home with nothing to do but grow things.

I had the same thought, but instead have rummaged through the utility room shelf and found a number of dusty seed packets full of all kinds of things, from pansies to parsnips to butternut squash and Morning Glories.  I have put them all in plastic boxes on damp kitchen paper, and we'll see what germinates! The oldest packet was from 2002, so I'm not holding my breath, nor wasting compost on them. But they can have a couple of weeks of water and time. At the very least, I've cleared out some junk.

There was a time when I was a very enthusiastic gardener. I don't know whether to blame Time, Dogs or Social Media for the fact that the garden has been sadly neglected in recent years. 
Tags: gardening, weather

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