bunn (bunn) wrote,

Spring still sproinging

We've had days and days of deep blue skies: the primroses, celandines and late daffodils are blooming their socks off, and down by the river there's a real carpet of wood anemones.  I feel very fortunate that I can walk from the house to get my officially-allowed exercise with the hounds and wander through the woods.  Rather busier than usual, since generally people don't like walking the steep hill down to the river and tend to drive to other places, whereas now we are all staying close to home. But not busy by any normal definition of the word.

Theo still struggles with walking on-lead *to* a walk.  His impulse control is terrible, so he keeps being over-come by the urge to SMELL THE THING NOW!!! and yanking me along, which is how he managed to give me a slightly knackered knee in the first place.  It's much easier if I can drive somewhere where he can zoom around like a lunatic for half an hour before a lead is required.   Still, I managed a fairly long walk today and the knee feels still suitably bendy.

I managed to write both my official Worldbuilding Exchange story, and also an emergency pinch-hit.  The pinch-hit was very much last minute and I feel I could probably have done better, but still, that's about two and a half thousand words this week.  Admittedly the week does feel like it was about 100 years long at this point.

I went to the local butcher on Friday: they were well stocked up and I bought a chicken to roast over the weekend.  The only difference was the tape on the floor and upside down crates preventing people from coming close enough to the counters to lean on them.  (It has never occurred to me to lean on a counter at the butcher!  That seems a really odd thing to do!)   But the roads were quiet and empty, even the main road at Gunnislake Newbridge, which is usually busy since bridges across the Tamar are not very numerous.  My Mum is being kept well supplied by her village shop: the shop itself has closed, since it's too small to let people inside safely, but they are doing a delivery system instead, apparently.  The downside to it is that they aren't set up to take remote payments, so she has to keep passing them cheques at a distance.

May do some painting in a bit but now I am tired and feel like a nap.  I do have a faint lurking sore throat, but none of the other symptoms, so probably this is some other bug going: hey, remember us?  You used to think we were quite a nuisance!   
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