bunn (bunn) wrote,

Isolated on a clifftop

Or, isolated from humanity, anyway.

This isolation thing isn't as easy as it looks!  I thought by picking an out of the way spot to walk it would be OK to drive a little further from home, but had forgotten that to drive, one must buy petrol - and OK, pay at pump, but I had not thought about bringing soap for hands that had handled a petrol pump. Used an antibacterial wipe thing.  Better than nothing.  And although I had considered that cafes and pubs would be closed, and brought snacks, I had also not thought that being out for the whole day would require a loo.  Fortunately, Hartland had not closed its public loos, and there was at least lots of soap.

We were rewarded by some marvellous primroses though.  The bluebells aren't out yet, but I can see this wood will be glorious once they are.

Rosie DID come too, but in all the photos I caught her in is an odd shape or making a very grumpy face.  She did enjoy it when the camera was turned off, though I think she was expecting the usual cafe or pub visit with Sausage.  Alas for Rosie, a small disappointment among so many larger ones.
Tags: dogs, the plague, walks

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