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In the Year of the Rat.

So, our government has just closed all the cafes and pubs officially, and are setting up universal basic income (!!!). nope apparently they stepped back from that, and are just going for 80% paying wages. Still, that's quite a major departure.

This feels really weird : we run two small businesses from our house, and suddenly... everyone is closed apart from us, grocers and huge megabusinesses?  We only sell online and all the stuff is in the house anyway, so the only reason to close the Shop on the Borderlands would be if the postal service shut down.  The website hosting / maintenance side of things would keep on trucking through even that, though I do wonder how many of our customers there will be still standing on the other side of this. We shall see.

(Actually, the village pub is sort of still open, barely.  You can take a jug down there and they will fill it with beer to take away.  Some of the other pubs & cafes are doing takeaway food.)

Can still walk the dogs, at a safe distance from humanity, though apparently in France even that is now forbidden. Yikes. Imagine the yodelling if Rosie had to go walkless.  Well, if it comes, then no doubt they will adjust; at least we have a garden.  In the meanwhile, I may make a trip to a nice quiet spot tomorrow.

In other news, I popped these three tiny paintings onto Redbubble, here, this afternoon, and someone just bought six cards of them, which was nice.
Light from the shadows shall spring.JPG


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20th Mar, 2020 20:34 (UTC)
What does one do if they cannot walk a dog? Train them to use the toilet? I am mystified.

I think everything looks and feels different about this if one has a free-standing house it a medium-to-small town or village or a rural area as opposed to big city apartment dwellers.

20th Mar, 2020 20:49 (UTC)
Yes, definitely very different here in a rural village with many small local food producers growing potatoes etc. Impact on our daily lives has been minimal as yet, we have been very lucky.

We'll notice the situation pretty sharply if a lot of people start getting sick though, with a fairly elderly population and limited health services.

I don't know what apartment dwellers do if they can't walk their dogs. There are things called puppy pads that are supposed to be for house-training, maybe that? Dunno. Sounds awful.
20th Mar, 2020 21:17 (UTC)
There are a lot of dogs in Paris. One even sees them on trains and buses. (At least a few years ago. I have not been recently, but used to go almost every year.)
20th Mar, 2020 22:38 (UTC)
As of yesterday we're in total lock-down - with exceptions (this is Latin America after all!). The relevant one is walking dogs: only ten minutes, one person per dog, keeping distance. It makes sense in a huge city where most of the people live in smallish apartments and 75% of households have some kind of pet.

apparently in France even that is now forbidden
Things must be really bad there!
21st Mar, 2020 10:26 (UTC)
I assume that they are trying to keep people away from footpaths where accidental contact can't be easily monitored? But yes. Not easy.
21st Mar, 2020 11:12 (UTC)
I did wonder if anyone would be using the takeaway exception on beer!
21st Mar, 2020 11:56 (UTC)
I feel so sorry for all the local cafés and pubs who will have stocked up for the Mother's Day rush... I hope some of them can still adapt to providing takeaways.
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    Thank you! I may try it later today then.
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    My sourdough also isn't big on the doubling in size - and it does make good bread. I think you can probably give bread a go.
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    I'm not sure whether we were in Tier 1 or 2 at that point...

    LOL. Yeah, I've given up all hope of making sense of these shifty weird rules.

    Love all the waterside encounters!
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    Wow! We get huge aircraft carriers in Brooklyn occasionally but I have never shared the water with one.
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