bunn (bunn) wrote,

Christmas 2019

I haven't finished my customary Christmas wood-carving, but it looks like it's going to be a weird Star Wars alien sort of thing, partly because that's what was hiding in this year's Christmas tree wood, and partly because we went to see Rise of Skywalker last week, and enjoyed it.  We went to the 11pm showing, since that meant we could put Theo to bed in his crate and not feel guilty.

Christmas: we cooked a duck, and my mother and Pp's father came over and helped us eat it. A fabulous sunny day for a change, so the dogs got two walks: one with me and one later with me and my mum, whose ability to walk seems to be improving again after several years of hip and foot problems.

Mum bought the cats new catnip toys, and Gothmog and Nenya proceeded to indulge in them with great delight: they were drunk last night, and still drunk this morning! I think they've had enough now though, Gothmog is now fast asleep.

Boxing Day: the sun came out and the day looked promising, so we decided to take the dogs to the beach.  This was optimistic of us.  Shortly afterwards VERY wet.  It was raining a little as we made our way down the long steep winding path to the open sands, raining more as we wandered past the cliffs, and at the point where we were coming down to the waves, it POURED so enthusiastically that the hounds were crying to go home.

Still, we made the effort and had a walk.  Theo met piles of dogs (including a saluki who wanted to play with him, but she was too full-on and made him squeal for mercy.  This is ironic, since I often have to stop him nipping Rosie's legs to encourage her to run.)

And! I am now dry again and warm with a glass of wine, mince-pies with clotted cream, and a new snuggly dressing-gown, and I think I shall do some writing.

Lots of Shop on the Borderlands orders are waiting to go out, (including several where people got gift vouchers for Christmas and couldn't wait to spend them!) but they can wait until tomorrow to be packed. 
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