Arty Things

I don't seem to have posted many arty things here for a week or so, so here are the latest ones I've made.  Here's a bonfire, made for painting-fire practice, with a glass of beer.  I took some photos of beer & bonfire a few years back that didn't entirely capture the light in the glass or the reflection of the light on background leaves, so this was an attempt to show what it really looked like: 

This was intended as Finrod receiving the Nauglamir, though I'm not sure he's come out quite as I intended, he looks a bit too scheming!  

I went to a demonstration by Emma Carter, who paints seascapes, at an artist group meetingIsland Artist Emma Carter Bromfield at Tavistock Group of Artists meeting on Monday.  It was pretty spectacular: she painted a vast seascape on a canvas that was about 5 feet square, in three hours including the tea-break.  After that I had to have a go at a stormy acrylic scene.  So here is Tolkien's Cirdan the Shipwright, looking out across the sea into the uttermost west.

Then I decided to paint Galadriel in armour, because I'd posted a new chapter of 'The Siege of Khazad-dûm' which is my Celebrimbor Lives AU. This is pencil and one layer of inktense colour.  Wasn't sure whether to fully colour it or not, but in the end I decided her chin was perhaps a bit too emphatic, so I tweaked it and coloured. 

And here's the coloured and outlined version. 

Break from fantasy art: a small portrait of Theo...

And one of Rosie that doesn't work quite so well.  I think I should have re-done her eyes. 

Here's something that started with just a tree.  It's tiny, and I think I should have gone with a more distant figure, because it's nearly impossible to make a face that works at that scale. (At least, it is for me...) 

And another tiny picture that again, doesn't entire work, I think because of the tiny-ness of tiny faces. 


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