Basically just a lot of puppy photos

Theo the Puppy has arrived.  We picked him up at Exeter services last Monday, so he has now been with us for a week.  I must say he seems a nice relaxed boy: he likes to race around like a loon from time to time, but he also spends a lot of time asleep!  He isn't quite at the point of sleeping through the night yet, so at the moment I am sleeping downstairs so I can pop him out when he wakes, but then, that is usually 6-7am, which isn't astoundingly early, and he usually drops off to sleep again afterwards. 

He is astonishingly cute.  Even pp thinks so.

Is this how we Saluki, Rosie???

Did I get it right?

She has told him off a few times, but he's very good about backing off if she thinks he's being too pushy.  They had a mad playing session yesterday, which I was pleased to see even though she then decided to whirl madly in circles until she had hurt her weak front paw joint.  Silly Rosie.

(Also, a post to try out the new LJ post interface, which strikes me as Very Large at the moment, but no doubt I shall get used to it.  Hmph. The text is Very Large, but the font for picture captions is Very Small, and frankly not very useable.  Shall have to stick to just text I think.  ) 


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