bunn (bunn) wrote,

Laptop woes & things written.

I've been off adventuring in Middle-earth last week and will post about that once I've finished writing it up & sorting the photos, but that may take a bit longer since I must face the fact that my laptop is dying.

It has long had a knackered SD card slot, and several knackered USB ports, and more recently, the N key is hanging on by a thread and you have to hit the spacebar right in the middle if you want spaces. And more recently the space bar has taken to flying off completely! But the latest thing is that the widget inside the machine that detects if you have closed the lid has decided that 'closed the lid' is now defined as 'moved the lid in any way' and it is requiring more and more persistence to persuade it that the computer is officially open again.

I was thinking about either fishing around inside OR sending it to A Bloke to see what they could fix, but thinking about the list of ailments, I'm now thinking maybe it's new laptop time.  This machine is 4 and a half years old now, and the important bits are still working, so I may go for an Asus again.

Oh, and I am way behind on posting Things Written here, for some reason, but it was the Innumerable Stars reveal yesterday, so here are two things wot I wrote:
Mind's Delight : In the dwarf-city of Belegost, teenage Elrond and Elros are bored, and Maglor is not sure what to expect of half-elves.       
Unbridled Turmoils : The vampire Thuringwethil is a servant of Sauron. Meássë is a servant of Morgoth himself... in so far as Meássë serves anyone but chaos. They're made for one another.

Tags: laptop, life is not like star wars, technology

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