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33 degrees C today in Cornwall, and that is WAY too hot. We are not accustomed!

I refused to walk Rosie this morning, because it was already baking when I woke up. I'll take her for a late evening walk instead.  By a stream, probably.

Did try doing a bit of outdoor painting on walk on Sunday, but had to give up because Rosie got bored and also there was a horsefly.  I do hate horseflies!

Tried to finish it off later, but I didn't have a camera with me and so had to work from memory: I don't think I got the light quite right.  Still, it's all practice.

Here are some of Pp's miniatures, photographed when it was not so damn hot:

Fingolfin & Morgoth.  I feel the slight blurring adds to the feeling of motion : Pp, however, would like every detail of his paintwork picked out more finely.

Galadriel, Celeborn & Amdir in Lorien.
Tags: arty stuff, moan, roleplaying, tolkien, weather, whinge

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