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State of the cats update

All our three cats are now getting along well.  Gothmog the Black and Nenya the White spend a lot of time playing together.

Fankil is still shyer, and panics if there's a loud noise, but he seems to be becoming the most snuggly of the three.   Gothmog and Nenya like playing exciting games (though Gothmog likes to snooze on PP's desk of an evening) but Fankil likes quiet moments and having his tummy tickled.  We can pick him up now, and he purrs and snuggles.

However, last night Some Cat jumped on the bed at ten to 6 in the morning, landing on Pp's face and causing him to splutter in alarm. Said cat then panicked and fled across Pp's face and then mine, leaving Pp with an impressive set of facial scratches, and me with a couple of small punctures to the cheek.  Neither of us was awake enough to really register which cat did this, but the MO definitely suggests it was Fankil.


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21st Jul, 2019 23:09 (UTC)
Oh, ouch! I had an impressive set of three cat scratches on top of my lower right arm once--from elbow to wrist. They looked ridiculous at first--like I had wandered into a lion's den and barely escaped with my life. The scars took a few years to fade but finally did.

Happy to hear they are getting along and fitting into your household.
22nd Jul, 2019 08:18 (UTC)
Oh dear. And no doubt Fankil thinks this was All Your Fault!
22nd Jul, 2019 08:42 (UTC)
Of course it was!
22nd Jul, 2019 09:52 (UTC)
It's wonderful to hear that they have all settled in so well and are getting along with each other. And that Fankil the Invisible has decided to become Fankil the Snuggly.
22nd Jul, 2019 13:10 (UTC)
Tummy tickles are indeed the best, for both the receiver, and the giver. :-)

At least you both now have a 'war story' to share/embellish - but let's hope that's the last of them!
22nd Jul, 2019 18:03 (UTC)
My habit of sleeping on the side next to the wall has saved me from random cats landing directly on me. This means that there's a side of the bed available for cats to sleep on it and so they do, usually right below the pillow. Then when Cat B jumps up and lands on the peacefully sleeping Cat A, the startled Cat A more often than not lands on me. I do TRY to keep their claws clipped but even a dull claw causes scratches when there's a panicked cat driving it.

So...yeah. I feel you, there.
24th Jul, 2019 04:15 (UTC)
I'm glad they are getting along but sorry about the scratches.
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