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Some Arty Stuffs

I had a couple of paintings in the Heritage art exhibition in Tavistock.  This was a more fun and less deliberately arty event than the one in the Town Hall, and Butcher's Hall is a very different kind of hall.  I think I prefer it, but apparently the art group feel it lacks atmosphere.

There was a very striking painting that drew out the long-term horror of arsenic mining, that Pollution from Good Omens would have LOVED.
However, I think my favorite thing in the exhibition was this lovely chair: a much less menacing object by an artist trading as Shaggy Sheep and Moody Cow, which I feel has a pleasing feeling of 'does what it says on the tin' about it.   I'm thinking we might ask her to recover some chairs at some point, maybe with a Tolkien or a roleplaying theme?  She's done some Alice in Wonderland ones. 

Anyway, these are mine, which were not as good as some of th rest of it, but I feel pleased I made the effort.  Also, it was an excuse to meet up with Narya and S. who happened to be in the area, so I showed off my art

And here is a painting from art class this week: The Lion, the Unicorn and a sleepy friend, somewhere, apparently, in Calstock since that dratted viaduct has popped up again!
(We were learning about painting gardens and drifts of flowers.)

There's something not quite right about this, but I don't know what it is or how to fix it. Somehow they look a little bit plonked in place,rather than part of it, I think that's some of it... 


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1st Jul, 2019 06:33 (UTC)
Love your painting and the chair.
1st Jul, 2019 12:54 (UTC)
1st Jul, 2019 06:38 (UTC)
I was going to say is it their shadows, but nothing (e.g. the poor maligned viaduct) seems to have a very definite shadow, so I have a revised hypothesis - are they lit by a different light?

But the drifts of flowers are wonderful, and the sleepy trio are lovely - obviously they have not watched the Wizard of Oz and learnt about the dangers of poppy fields...
1st Jul, 2019 12:55 (UTC)
Hmm. Maybe that's the problem: there should be a rather more directional light? I may have a fiddle with that.
1st Jul, 2019 09:52 (UTC)
I presume they've been waiting for a train and given up!

Your paintings are lovely.
1st Jul, 2019 12:56 (UTC)
Well, the Calstock railway IS not very busy :-D

1st Jul, 2019 12:07 (UTC)
Gorgeous painting! I love the atmosphere of this, and those drifts of flowers are wonderful. Did you have to use a teeny-tiny brush for the most distant poppies?
1st Jul, 2019 12:58 (UTC)
Thanks! No, the distant poppies are actually spatters of paint, rather diluted, applied from a fat brush that you sort of flick :-D It's a very quick approach and you get a rather more random effect that way.
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