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Things Done and Seen

This week I went down to the Minack theatre with my mother on what proved to be a VERY windy day, to see Pericles, a play written probably-mostly-maybe by Shakespeare.  The wind was loud and wild and the plot fast-moving, so I'm not sure I caught all the intricacies, but we enjoyed the play anyway.   I have some more photos, which I may dig out later, but in the meanwhile have a video of the wild waves on the beach at Porthcurno, where we stopped afterwards to give the outbound traffic a chance to clear.

I went for a wander around Calstock on Saturday morning, taking snaps.  We crossed the railway by the station. As you can see, it's not the busiest of lines.

I wandered down Church Street and past the Boot Inn.

Rosie, admiring the viaduct

And pretending to ignore a goose and be suddenly VERY INTERESTED in the end of a random elderly kayak.

Back Lane, a lane so narrow that even in Calstock, they have accepted that there's no way to get a car down there.

And here's the railway viaduct again, this time from the footpath behind the tiny station.

It was very quiet, and in the distance I could hear music, so when I got close to it, I recorded it:


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1st Jul, 2019 07:25 (UTC)
We're off to the Minack Theatre tonight! I was watching their webcam on Thursday evening, to get a feel of how things worked with regards to arriving, finding seats, bringing in bags and picnics etc, and it looked so windy that I was half-expecting to see random actors hurtling out to sea in the background, or stray flying walkers from further along the coastal path. Luckily, it looks like being a lot calmer tonight, although it remains irritatingly gloomy.
1st Jul, 2019 07:32 (UTC)
It was Thursday that we went! We got pasties from the entry booth place: Mum's almost blew into the sea and she only just grabbed it in time, and I had difficulty eating through a cloud of my own hair. I wasn't sure we'd be able to hear anything at all, but the acoustics are surprisingly good for the location, and the actors were giving it welly so we could (mostly) hear them.

Hope the skies clear so you get the Minack stars over the sea!
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