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So, this was the Tavistock Group of Artists exhibition.  It was in the Town Hall, which is perhaps not ideal because the Town Hall is upstairs and you have to be prepared to venture up the steps, you can't just see in.  Also all the panels and things have to be got up there, though there IS a lift. 

A view from above!   It was mostly paintings and drawings, though there were a few sculptures at the back too.

Here's my bit!  (not the goldfish on the right, but the rest of it.)

Sadly I did not sell anything.  I had hoped that by bringing a range of things, I might appeal to someone, but I think I might have done better to stick entirely to sedate landscapes, animals and flowers, and avoiding mermaids, Elves, people swimming with seals, and River-daughters.  And by selling cards. There were definitely a lot of people who couldn't afford full-size originals but who spent a few quid on cards.

My first stint stewarding was very quiet, so I did some paintings while I was there: Brusho, ink and watercolour pencil.  This is the sort of thing there was a lot of:

I think I was the only one who drew anything of this kind!

Ah well, I at least added to the variety.  Also, there was a vote for the best new exhibitor over the exhibition, and I got 92 votes, tied with the lady who painted the watercolour goldfish above who was exhibiting next to me.   So we share the honour!  Not sure what won the 'best painting' vote. 

I now feel a bit guilty that I didn't stay to help take the panels down. I had put them up, and I did two stewarding sessions rather than the expected one though, so not TOO guilty.

Also, I have jumped through the hoops of working out frames and mounts and labels and things, so that's a definitely achievement.

Oh, and while I'm posting arty stuff, here's the revised version of that lurcher painting on perspex:

And next week, I have my two paintings of mining ghosts in another exhibition in the town!  That one is at ground level in the Butcher's Hall, which has glass doors so you can stroll by and see in : it'll be interesting to see if it ends up being busier.  It has a specific theme, too, being about mining heritage rather than just All The Art. I wonder if that makes a difference. 
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