bunn (bunn) wrote,

This week in art class: angry little ponies.

I met these angry little ponies last year on Dartmoor, they galloped straight past me, intent upon their argument, and I had a chance to take quite a few photos of them, so I used one of the photos to make this.  I changed the colours and textures of the background to make them stand out.

 Pp doesn't like the top bit, I think he feels its too abstract. I feel that it's OK because it's only there as a backdrop to the ponies.

I drew this quickly last night, and it is very small: Huan & Luthien.

I feel it's less atmospheric and more blodgy than I had hoped. I'm definitely better with acrylics, where you always have the option to correct a dodgy line, than watercolour and ink. Ah well.
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, ink, watercolour
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