bunn (bunn) wrote,

'It isn't busy' I said...

In my last post with the dragon where I mentioned I had been Left in Charge.  This happy state of affairs persisted until Friday, when suddenly the orders began pouring in, and they continued pouring in until Sunday. I think there were probably about... 40 of them? Most were for several items each!

I went to the post-office twice on Monday and Pp went once too! Fortunately though, because of the sheer VOLUME of orders, there was no point stressing about them: I found and packed as many as I could, but it was obvious they weren't all going to be able to be done and some would have to wait till Pp got back from UK Games Expo, where he bought a truly monstrous amount of Stuff. Still, the orders are all done now, and as Pp says, they cleared some space for all the things now sitting all over the house in boxes...

Had to organise our first order to be sent to North Macedonia, which seemed like it was going to be a bit of a problem, until Postoffice G, put on his mettle by the challenge, discovered that the PO still classifies North Macedonia as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and files it under F (not M or N).  This meant that the parcel could be sent for 26 quid, rather than the DPD quote of £130.

Pleased by this, PO G announced that we must try to sell something to either North Korea or Kazakhstan, because he has not yet managed to send anything to either of those countries.  His Mum, PO J,  is now considering setting up a bingo card for 'weird places that have to be sent roleplaying games'.

I also learned that in our village there is a small business that makes dolls house furniture, and another that makes decorative thimbles, and both of those had also had a busy weekend.  We are fairly sure, however, that this must be coincidence.  SURELY these aren't the same people ordering old D&D, miniature tables and thimbles...?

Tags: moan, shop on the borderlands, things that make you go hmmm, vulgar commerce, we don't really know, whinge

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