bunn (bunn) wrote,

Slugs! Bah!

The slugs have eaten my plugplant petunias! Every year I buy them too early and they get slugged before they really get going. Next year: buy them later!

Am going to try growing butternut squash this year: can't be that much harder than pumpkins, which always do well. This year I've gone for Pumpkin Jack of all Trades F1, which I've not grown before. Mars F1 did really well last year, (much better than the Atlantic Giant, which got slugged) so I've sown a couple of seeds left over of that too. I'm also growing Squash 'Early Butternut' from Nicky's Nursery.

The http://www.oldies.org.uk/ is doing stonkingly well - we've almost run out of dogs to rehome (lots on the list have been reserved or are awaiting homechecks this week), and are starting to contact more rescues to ask for permission to post their oldie dogs on the website. They are averaging about 220 visitors a day on the site at the mo, which is stonking for a site a month old with no paid presence at all.

This makes me feel good, which is good as I've been very down about work recently and struggling to get motivated. Working from home not always as much fun as it looks.
Tags: garden, oldies club, work

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