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Rosie Roo through the Bluebells

I actually took these just over a week ago: the bluebells are fading now, but I am trying to buck the trend of taking photos and then leaving them forever on my camera card, so here they are, taken on a rainy morning when the air was full of the scent of flowers. 

This last one is not with bluebells, but a view over a great low bed of Germander Speedwell, a shining blue flower that seems to be oddly untasty to rabbits, and therefore thrives in places where the grass has been nibbled near their burrows.  Rosie was watching out for rabbits:I was watching out for Rosie.

I took Rosie out for a longer walk today, but she was very very slow coming home.   I'm not sure if she was just hot, but I suspect that she's starting to get arthritic, and the long walks are just a bit too much: she would prefer now to just mooch around the field. Or the garden...

In our garden,  which is large and overgrown and full of squeaking and fluttering things,  there are a number of wild rabbits that have set up home in a hedge, and today, for the first time ever, she killed one. She has caught squirrels a couple of times, but never previously a rabbit. This was a very small one and I suspect it panicked and ran the wrong way.  At any rate, she killed it and brought it to her sofa, from which we banished her, and it, to the dog bed in the garden, because There Are Limits.  I thought she might not want to eat it out there, but she did.  I suppose it's a saving on dog food, and having seen her kill a squirrel, I know she would have done it very fast and without any messing around.   Perhaps not quite time to hang up her running shoes yet then.


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25th May, 2019 21:53 (UTC)
omg! She ate a rabbit. Good for her. Still has those hunting skills. Love the photos!
26th May, 2019 12:23 (UTC)
I know! I thought she had given up hunting as too much work! I was most surprised.
25th May, 2019 21:55 (UTC)
The ears! So cute and elegant.
26th May, 2019 12:24 (UTC)
She is a most elegant hound, although I don't think she's aware of it.
26th May, 2019 09:41 (UTC)
It was kind of the rabbits to set up home in a garden with a sighthound - this must keep Rosie very entertained!

Beautiful pics...

I took Max to the vets to get some more painkillers this week, since he has been hanging back on walks. Though in his case, the heat probably isn't helping, since he's overdue a clip.
26th May, 2019 12:27 (UTC)
I know! Home-grown entertainment. For years she has watched them hop around the upper garden from the vantage of her sofa, but she's never previously shown any interest in doing anything more athletic than that.

I have great difficulty getting painkillers into Rosie, since she's so picky about food. I suspect that possibly just regular glucosamine supplements would help, but my attempts to get her to consume them have been greeted with the Long Nose of Suspicion.
26th May, 2019 13:15 (UTC)
Beautiful photos! :-)
26th May, 2019 16:18 (UTC)
Rosie looks like she's having a lovely time and I'm impressed at the rabbit catching. At least she ate it, so you didn't have to dispose of it :)
29th May, 2019 12:07 (UTC)
Oh, what a star-beauty!
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