bunn (bunn) wrote,

canoe? .... no

I've been avoiding shopping at Amazon, since they seem to be so peculiarly unpleasant to their staff and after all, one can buy the same things easily enough from much smaller businesses online -- but yesterday I was checking a wishlist, and the site showed me a  kayak for 59 quid including delivery from a local manufacturer.   I'm pretty sure that the price was entered wrongly and it should have been 259 or even 359, but  I bought it anyway, and the money has been taken and the order not cancelled yet, so I'm starting to think they will honour the price.

Feeling weirdly guilty about it, though I'm pretty sure that selling 260quid items for 60 is not going to make Jeff Bezos any richer.  Also, yay!  new kayak!?  Wait and see, I guess.

... and they finally noticed the pricing error, and cancelled the delivery at 2:30pm today.  The kayak is now listed at £329, which puts it well out of impulse buy territory.  Drat.  Oh well, I expected it really! 
Tags: canoe, retail therapy

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