bunn (bunn) wrote,

... But if Sorolla *had* painted a Tiefling...? Also, a worldpool.

So, at the moment at art class, we are all experimenting with painting in the style of Sorolla, 'Spanish Master of Light'.  He painted a lot of beaches, figures wearing billowing white dresses, boats with billowing sails and waves.

My experiment was, what if he had painted a battle scene from 5th edition D&D ?

I feel this went quite well.  At one point I wished that I had painted it in portrait rather than landscape format, since the figures are taller than they are wide, and there seemed to be a lot of surplus space to the left and right of them.  But I quite like my shadow-dappling twisted tree, and Colin the Art suggested the addition of a mysterious shadow on the edge, which I like a lot.  I feel this painting is telling a story.

Not in art class, I made this :
A worldpool.

The center is poured acrylic, so it's very smooth and glassy, and around the edge the roots are made of modeling medium and are iridescent, so there's a lot of texture difference.  I am not sure what I think of it. It might be a bit too deliberately arty, and yet not skilled enough to really work? Unsure. 
Tags: arty stuff

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