bunn (bunn) wrote,

State of the Kitties Update

It is time to use the internet for its original and true purpose : showing off photos of our cats. 
Here's Nenya sunbathing.

And here is Fankil! He's still a bit hard to photograph, but this morning I caught him playing chasing games with Nenya, which is a first. He was chasing her, not vice versa.  I think Gothmog was a bit jealous.

Here's Fankil showing that you can actually get close to him now.  He's still not one to be stroked, and I wouldn't want to have to pick him up, but he comes out when called and likes these treats, which I feel guilty about beause they come wrapped in enormous amounts of plastic for such a small amount of food. They have made a big difference to encouraging his confidence though.

And here he is queuing for a slurp of treat next to Nenya!  You can see how diddy he is here.

And I took 9999 photos of little Gothmog when she was a smaller kitten, and now she's growing up, I seem to have abandoned photographing her for the other two, because they are harder to get photos of.  So here is a token Gothmog.  She's almost as big as Fankil now. Fankil used to look big next to her, and now he looks like the rather teeny cat he actually is.

On the whole, the Project Cat Project seems to be going OK. 
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