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Seed Order 2007

This year I've decided to make more of an effort with salad vegetables. They go off so quickly, I feel I really ought to be able to grow my own rather than buying packaged stuff from a supermarket.

I intend to try growing them in the greenhouse, at least in spring and autumn. It will probably be a bit hot in the summer, but if things go well I can perhaps grow a few pots outside during the hot months.

So, I have bought a pack of Mixed Salad, one of Mixed Stirfry, some Spring onion seeds (White Lisbon), Wild Rocket, and cress 'Wrinkled Crinkled'. Hope that's not too much.

I'm going to give cucumbers another go as well, even though I'll almost certainly forget to water them enough to keep them really happy, it's worth a go. I'm trying 'Crystal Apple' which is a yellow, egg-shaped cucumber.

I'm going to grow more nasturtians this year too. I've gone for 'Moonlight' which is a pale creamy trailing one. I'm going to start those in the greenhouse, because I find nasturtians tend to germinate rather late here - probably because we are on the North of the hill. And then I will pop them in hanging baskets. I think cream/yellow shouldn't conflict too badly with a blue house, and also I can add the leaves to my salad efforts if things go well.

The 'Orange Baby' peppers did stonkingly well in the greenhouse, even though I really did neglect their watering rather, (In fact, I guiltily admit that I didn't actually manage to eat all the peppers and some are still hanging about the greenhouse now!) So, I'm going to grow those again.

I still have some pumpkin and squash seeds over from last year's order, so those are a definite goer as well. They are so easy! I find that squash seeds do seem to last quite well, so I am hoping I shall get another year out of them, despite not really having stored them properly.

All this year's seeds are from Mr Fothergill, which is probably my favorite of the big seed merchants. They always have a good range and some nice special offers. This time I got a pack of lawn seed for a quid, which will be handy where the rabbits have had a go at the lawn, and a pack of Nigella 'Midnight' which is my favoritest favorite of all the Love in a Mist varieties.
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