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1st Apr, 2019

A peacock!
I am rather pleased with this because I think it's the first thing I've ever made with coloured pencils that actually has a decent depth of colour and doesn't look too stiff.  Background is brusho again, and then the detail is all Inktense pencils, overpainted with a waterbrush to bring out the colours. 

And here are three dwarves fighting an acrylic dragon!

The dragon is based on this one, which is a miniature that Pp painted and I photographed this week.  I wonder if I should have given the painting more emphasis on the light on the top of its wings....

And this is a more or less abstract thing, which I include for completeness though it looks rather terrible here. I should have photographed it before I shoved it into the frame, probably.

I made a card for my Mum for mother's day too, and took it over to her today, but I forgot to photograph it. Hey ho.

On Saturday I found some pheasant tailfeathers while walking along the River Walkham, and brought them home thinking the kitties would like them. This was apparently the best decision ever: Gothmog keeps bringing me tailfeathers to throw for her (they aren't the easiest things to throw, but if you throw them like a dart, with the hard bit first, they will travel several feet.)

More wind than we thought on the river today,  so we were only out an hour and then quickly headed back with the aid of the breeze behind us for an icecream (or in my case, a sorbet : one scoop of kiwi and one of gooseberry fool).  Now my shoulders are aching so I'm quite glad we called it a day early.  


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1st Apr, 2019 02:47 (UTC)
Love today's peacock! Magnificent.
1st Apr, 2019 07:57 (UTC)
The peacock is gorgeous - you should be very pleased with him.
1st Apr, 2019 23:04 (UTC)
They are beautiful.
My cats like feathers too.
3rd Apr, 2019 13:45 (UTC)
That is a really lovely peacock! You've managed to capture a bit of that iridescence that they have.

My cats once had a toy that was a felted wool ball with a tuft of feathers attached to it. It was loved to the point of being just a felted wool ball with a few stubs of feather shafts still sewn tightly to it. I think it eventually ended up under a couch, as these things are wont to do.
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