bunn (bunn) wrote,

Brusho & ink things

Brusho is basically paint powder that you can sprinkle on the page and then mist with a plant mister (or other squirty bottle of choice) to create mad splodges. I like the contrast of putting dark ink with it, but the downside is that there's no undo - if you put the ink on, you are stuck with it, every line has to be right! 

The first one, I did the brusho thing first and then added figures, but with this one I drew the cat in ink, then added the colour.

The drawing was based on this picture of Fankil, who as you see, has become rather more visible than he was. I can see NOW that I got his eyes entirely wrong, but unlike with acrylics or oils, with ink there's only one chance to get it right! Still, practice practice practice...

Here's a grumpy hawthorn-ent.  He's miffed because the big ents keep making short jokes.
I drew him at first using inktense water-soluble pencils, then added brusho and squirted it with water.  Sadly, the inktense got a bit over-watered, and lost focus so I had to put the ent back in with ink.
Tags: arty stuff, cats, ink

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