bunn (bunn) wrote,

A charcoal-grey beach on a steel-grey day

It was my birthday...  goodness, it was ten days ago!  Anyway, we bunked off and went to the seaside, even though the forecast said it was going to be 100% humidity with 16% rain.  The seaside with the least rain was at Seaton, where the beach is an unfestive grey, although somehow, mysteriously, the sea managed to be more or less blue despite the refusal of both sky and sand to collaborate.

I decided we should walk the Looe coastal path, since I've never walked that way before.

This meant climbing up onto the headland, which was very sheltered until we got out into the wind, which very nearly blew our eyebrows off.

Fortunately the wind dropped, leaving a general air of dampness behind it.  But under the damp, there were a lot of flowers, which was cheering.  There were a lot of violets along here, though obviously they hid from the camera.

Gorse and blackthorn resisting the wind.

And daffodils along the shore too, though obviously you can barely see them.  I know they are there.

And then here are a few more flowers encountered on the way.  A good walk, really, though we were quite glad to get back to the cafe for lunch. Rosie had sausages.

I love this river of rosemary. I wish rosemary lasted better where we live, it's just a bit too chilly and shady in the winter for it here, it never lasts very long.  I turfed a pot of ex-rosemary out yesterday, in fact.
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