bunn (bunn) wrote,

The iniquity of Cat

At the moment, all the cats are staying indoors, because Nenya hasn't quite completed her vaccinations, and also none of the cats has yet worked out how to use a catflap, and we also want to make sure that Fankil will come back before he gets to go out.  I think he will: he's pretty good about coming when called, now, though we still can't touch him except very gently to boop his nose or stroke his chin.

I've taken Gothmog out a few times to explore the great outdoors with me, but she doesn't seem keen to go far and it's tricky taking her out and keeping the other two in, because Nenya was VERY keen to explore.

Last night I let Rosie Roo out for a quick pee, and Nenya crept up on me, then HURLED herself at the open door and fled.  We attempted to coax her back, but she wasn't having any of it.  It was dark and raining (and our house is a long way from traffic) so after a while we shut the door and let her get on with it.

20  minutes later I opened the door again and she came charging back in,  rather soggy and complaining loudly about how it had been WET and DARK and the whole experiences had been Not As She Had Hoped.

Then this morning I gave her a small bowl of tinned cat food which she ate very fast, then she charged madly around the livingroom until she made herself nauseous, at which point she charged up to the very top of the cat tree and was sick off the edge of the top platform.

Later, on, I discovered this poor sad dried-out newt, dead under the sofa, which I assume she must have brought in with her and abandoned, because I can't think how else it could have got there and I'm pretty sure it wasn't there yesterday.

I could have done without this, because I am still stricken with a horrible cough, sore throat and hurty lungs.  I feel FINE as long as I sit still and do nothing much, but we took a gentle walk with Rosie this morning which was moderately hilly (because Cornwall is moderately hilly, there's no escaping it) and I then duly felt appalling. 
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