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Eyeless skulls and other mysteries of Kitt Hill

A while ago I posted about my discovery of what seemed to be an eyeless rabbit skull while walking on Kitt Hill. Well, I found another one (or, I suppose, possibly the same one twice). This time I brought it back and photographed it. It doesn't look quite like a rabbit skull, though it is about the right size for a large rabbit - but I'm buggered if I know what it is.

In other news, today's Kitt Hill walk was enlivened by the discovery of a rubber dinghy. Underground. In a flooded mineshaft. The wrong side of a robust metal grill.

I suppose it would be possible to post a deflated rubber dingy through the grill and blow it up, but why would you? Surely anyone who had an official reason to go in there, and a key to the gate, wouldn't be travelling by small touristic dinghy? Surely it would pop on all the pointy rocks..? I suppose it could have somehow washed there from the Quarry pond (where people do quite often have rubber dinghys and canoes in the summer) but it must have travelled a long way underground to get there...

Anyone who has read of my previous Kitt Hill discoveries may wish to note that this was very close to the location of the Bra In Tree discovery, about 10 minutes from the Eyeless Skull Zone, and from the supposed Bronze Age Barrow - but quite a distance from the (anecdotal) Attack By Badger.

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