bunn (bunn) wrote,

This week in art class : a Random Mine. Also: Shelf

Pp and I just put up a floating shelf.  It was hard.  The prong things fitted perfectly until they were screwed to the wall, then, mysteriously, they would not engage with the holes in the shelf.  I hit them with a rubber mallet in the end to make them fit.

Now my arms feel like two bendy straws.  Floating shelves : not worth the hassle.  Stick to brackets.

The painting below was for an exercise where we had to paint something for the words 'zeitgeist', 'ephemeral' or 'subliminal'.  I thought of approximately 999 very depressing things I could paint for those words, but I wanted to paint something more cheering, so in the end I went for 'Ephemeral' and painted one of our old copper & arsenic mines which were once both deadly and blighting, but now are overrun with plants and beautiful in their own way.

Then I decided to push my luck and added a pair of balmaidens for 'zeitgeist' - either literally as time-ghosts, or in the sense of 'well, things may not be perfect now, but at least girls are not routinely expected to take jobs working in arsenic mines at the age of 7 or 8 years old'.   I used some of the photos on http://balmaiden.co.uk/ for clothing/ tools reference.

I'm quite pleased with how this came out, and may paint some more mine-ghost pictures.  The girl is holding her bonnet in her hand, i'm not sure if that's clear.
Tags: arty stuff, mines, whinge

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