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Christmas with Beeping

We went over to my mother's house for Christmas this year.  Rosie was much delighted by this decision, she likes being invited out to lunch, sitting on my mother's sofas for a change and snuggling the humans.  Mum's cat Pudding is less keen on a visiting sighthound, but he did make several brief solemn appearances, though I didn't manage to photograph him.

Below the cut: Pp in his Christmas jumper with the Christmas puddings on it, which has seen much wear this year:

And my mother, sadly devoid of a Christmas jumper.  I don't know if she has one. Perhaps a future present? :-D

Some time before Christmas, Pp declared that it would be a very fine thing if we had Yorkshire Puddings on Christmas day.  I agreed that this would indeed be a fine thing, but pointed out that if I was cooking the meat and most of the veg, I was damned if I was going to cook the Yorkshire puddings as well, and therefore a man capable of building his own computer from bits was also capable of assembling a Yorkshire pud.  So, over the past month we ate a number of Yorkshire puds, culminating in these.

You may wonder why he's pulling that face.  He's pulling that face because when he got them out of the oven, all the smoke alarms went off and there was a Terrifying and Seemingly Endless Penetrating Beeping, so loud that I fled into the garden.

But eventually it ended, and I came back in and ate roast duck with everyone else, and in fact my mother did a lot of the vegetables in the end, so I got off lightly really.

It was an odd Christmas this year, the first since  Pp's mother died unexpectedly in Feb, but we managed a pretty cheerful celebration.

The next day I took Rosie for a long walk.  It was rather a grey day, but enlivened a little by this telephone box in Latchley, which no longer has a telephone, but instead is full of a Christmas tree.   This is a great improvement over the previous occupant, a terrifying vaguely Victorian-clad figurine with a papier-mache face that always gave me the oojies when I went past it.

The festive season has been much enlivened by Gothmog kitten, who is now vastly confident, hilarious, and very very fast.  Our remaining problem with her is to prevent her from molesting poor Rosie for her own amusement.  They shared a bed yesterday, but poor Rosie is not keen on the rough kitten play of Awake & Riotous Gothmog who races up to the top of the big cat tree and flings herself joyously at a dog ten times her size...


Poor Fankil is still in hiding!  But I bought Pp an infra-red motion-sensitive camera for Christmas, and so at least we can see him.  He seems to mostly get up when we go to bed!


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30th Dec, 2018 00:50 (UTC)
the Yorkshire puddings!!

They look terrific! Makes me want to try. (I never have.)

Those cats are hilarious--the crazy extrovert and ghost cat!
30th Dec, 2018 13:04 (UTC)
Thank you!
30th Dec, 2018 18:14 (UTC)
Pp has gone from Yorkshire Pudding novice to adapting his own recipe in a month. I'm impressed!

That's TRUE abut the cat contrast! hadn't occurred to me before. They really are opposites in temperament.
30th Dec, 2018 12:38 (UTC)
How cool is that camera!

And also Pp's sweater!

And the Christmas tree in the phone box!

And I love the way your mum and Rosie are sitting together, like twins :-)
30th Dec, 2018 13:04 (UTC)
It's only cool because I'm wearing it...
30th Dec, 2018 16:36 (UTC)
30th Dec, 2018 22:21 (UTC)
30th Dec, 2018 17:03 (UTC)
The camera seems to be working well : at least we can see that he's eating and moving around OK now!

Rosie loves my mum. She always does a dance whenever we meet.
30th Dec, 2018 22:22 (UTC)
Rosie's body language says it all!
30th Dec, 2018 13:38 (UTC)
Great pics! Those Yorkshire puds still look delicious, to me ... Rosie looks like she makes a fantastic snuggling partner! Gothmog is very cute. Maybe at the moment Fankil is just feeling nocturnal, and his mood will change with the seasons?
30th Dec, 2018 16:45 (UTC)
Rosie adores snuggling: I think she may end up snuggling Gothmog if Gothmog could just stay calm!

That's an excellent point about Fankil, the seasons might well make a difference.
30th Dec, 2018 16:31 (UTC)
Poor Rosie, molested by tiny riotous kitten!

I love that picture of the Christmas tree in the phone box. Of all the re-purposed phone boxes I've seen, that one wins a prize for the most unexpected contents.
30th Dec, 2018 16:43 (UTC)
She finally snapped today when Gothmog threw herself at her back legs and tried to shin up onto her back, and did a really very appropriate 'reprove the overexcited puppy' growlsnap, which seems to have had just the right effect. Much better than me constantly trying to remove a kitten like a mad cocklebur from her ankles. Then after that there was some playbowing, and sharing of the bed, and Gothmog being just that bit more respectful.

Rosie has always been good with puppies, and Gothmog seems to have been filed under This Is A Weird Puppy, much to my relief.

30th Dec, 2018 17:26 (UTC)
Ooh, invisible cat!

A comment in an earlier post about not being able to check on Fankil because he's invisible has left me with an indelible belief that he really is creeping about the house invisibly, and these pictures don't help :-)
1st Jan, 2019 16:35 (UTC)
:-D You really can sit in a small room with him for hours and never know he's there!
31st Dec, 2018 10:59 (UTC)
Those Yorkshire puddings are remarkably impressive!

Fankil looks quite substantial, for a ghost cat. Presumably he is growing too.

Edited at 2018-12-31 10:59 (UTC)
1st Jan, 2019 16:49 (UTC)
Fankil is older than Gothmog, he's 10 months: hence the ghost cat issues, he had been at the rescue for a while, so a bit more work to win over!
31st Dec, 2018 14:57 (UTC)
The kittens are adorable.
1st Jan, 2019 16:54 (UTC)
Aren't they? I'd forgotten just how adorable kittens are...
31st Dec, 2018 15:26 (UTC)
My first impression when scrolling my Friends page was that you had made some arty monochrome cat-themed baubles for your tree. :-)

I like his reflected eyes in the window. I hope that one day soon he will feel confident enough to let you see his eyes in the flesh, not just in a mirrored reflection in an infra-red camera image. But it must be comforting to see that he does, in fact, exist. Even if he is currently existing in a pocket universe inside a snow globe.
1st Jan, 2019 16:56 (UTC)
:-D They are arty, now you mention it! Monochrome cat snowglobes.

He was confident enough last night to sit under the chair in the study and watch us while we sat out in the hall, so that's progress. We could see him! He could see us!
31st Dec, 2018 22:46 (UTC)
Those look like very fine Yorkshire so, I knowill who I'll be enlisting to make Toad in the Hole battery in the future :)

Gothmog continues to look adorable and it's lovely to see the pictures of Fankil, he's such a handsome boy. Hope he decides to be a bit more sociable, but maybe you just have an extreme INTJ there :)
1st Jan, 2019 17:17 (UTC)
He did make a Toad! It was a good one too.

We have had some progress over the last couple of days : we've even seen him! He was pretty relaxed in the few minutes that he was visible.
6th Jan, 2019 16:39 (UTC)
That should have obviously read batter, stupid autocorrect on my phone. Keep thinking I've disabled it then it kicks in again.

Glad to hear Fankil has been venturing out, hopefully he will continue to gain confidence as he realises there's nothing scary outside the office :)
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