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Writing ramblings

I've been installing server updates.  It's taking a while so I'm thinking about what to write next which for some reason feels a more reasonable form of multitasking than actually doing other work while the updates do their thing.  I keep dotting in to add a word or two, it's taken me all afternoon to write this...

1) I have 2500 words of another chapter of Lands of Weeping and of War, (where Elrond stays with Maglor in Lindon as per 1937 Silmarillion) written, but the bits to connect the parts I've got already written don't seem to be flowing just now.

2) I have a vague idea for writing Bilbo meeting Maedhros in Beleriand Risen.

3) While I was walking the dog I came up with a weird cracky idea for a story with Maglor, Luthien, Beren, Morgoth*, Nimloth, Earendil and Caranthir, plus probably Finrod because he always seems to turn up, in the weird cracky Feanorians Win AU world from Victory & Memory.  Maybe with the Friendly Plant too, since a number of people seemed to like that.

*if we ever adopt a really huge black cat, we have to call him Morgoth, to go with Gothmog.   Or a really big black dog, I suppose would also do.


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18th Dec, 2018 04:39 (UTC)
Obviously, Morgoth the Cat is an idea that I fully support (mine would have to be ginger...). Though hopefully it will be at least another decade before I have to think about adopting more.
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