bunn (bunn) wrote,

Provoked by Tumblr's sudden discovery that Nudity Is Immoral

I became annoyed and resolved to paint 'female-presenting nipples'.

These nipples are a little squonk, but hey, real nipples sometimes are too.  I was severely disappointed that the Tumblr system which is merrily flagging sand dunes, archaeology and photos of fingers did not recognise the ones I painted, but perhaps that's why I need to practice.  I am proud to say that my camera software identified both faces in this picture as faces.

A lot of people seem to be running around wondering where to put their art now. I'm just going to chuck mine into my big LJ bucket as usual and hope.
Pic & brief story with Bilbo Baggins under the cut.

“Excuse me, Madam,” Bilbo said very politely, trying not to stare, for the clothing of the Vanyar of Valimar was not quite what he was used to. “I seem to have lost my way.  Could you direct me to the house of Lord Ingwion?”

“Of course,” the Vanyar lady said, turning to address him with swift attention. “You are heading the wrong way, I fear.  If you make your way back towards the Bell of the Unicorn, and turn just where that very tall person with dark hair down to her ankles is going, you will find the House of Ingwion straight ahead of you.”

“Ah!” Bilbo exclaimed. “So that’s where I went wrong.  I was admiring the gilding on the unicorn, you see, and I must have walked straight past.  Thank you!”

He hesitated for a moment.

“Was there something else?” the Vanya enquired in her voice that was like the sound of bronze bells, as the scent of strange spices wafted down the long shining street under roofs of gold.

Bilbo coughed, “I was just wondering why you were carrying a spear,” he said.  “Hasn’t it been thousands of years since the Vanyar went to war?”

“It has!” she told him, and shook the spear fiereely, her golden hair tossing. “Yet the Enemy is only banished. One day he will return, and we will be ready!”

“Oh,” Bilbo said. “Jolly good.  And thank you kindly for the directions.” 

As he wandered back towards the turning he had missed, he could not help but wonder if the Vanyar could not have employed their spears usefully against the spiders of Mirkwood, or the goblins of the Misty Mountains.  But on the other hand, as he admired the lilac flower that hung in elegant sheets from the archway in front of him, you could see why people who had ended up in a place as delightful as this would want to stay here. 

He trotted into the house to see if Elrond had got back from visiting whichever relative it was this time, to ask if he might fancy a spot of lunch.

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