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This week in art class. And: Cats.

I was working on a stormy sky marshland landscape with reflections and (I hope) a battle.   But it's not done yet.

However, I did paint this portrait this week. I don't think I'm quite there yet with portraits, but this one is a lot better than some of my efforts.  This one is called 'But what if Gimli was a hot dwarf???'

We have, if all goes well, arranged to adopt a pair of kittens.  We meant to leave it till the New Year, but... well, it's weird having no cats.  We just aren't a household that doesn't have cats.   So, we've reserved a 14 week old kitten and an 8 month old from a local rescue, subject to us passing their homecheck, which I hope will be OK!  The kitten is black, and we're going to call her Gothmog.  I've always wanted a black cat called Gothmog.  The older kitty is very nervous after a bad start and will need some confidence-building, but I'm hopeful we can manage that.

I hope Rosie isn't going to be too outraged.  Plans for extra dogs will have to wait a bit until the kittles are settled.

Oh, also, I am In Charge again this weekend as Pp is off at Dragoncon.  I hope nobody buys anything complicated!


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1st Dec, 2018 00:39 (UTC)
Dragon_meet_ not _con_.
2nd Dec, 2018 22:06 (UTC)
OK, that's it. from now on I'm going to refer to it exclusively as Dragonthing.
1st Dec, 2018 01:22 (UTC)
Hurray for kittens! I'm sure your homecheck will be fine and you'll be great at the confidence-building. I eagerly await photos.

Extra dogs* sounds like a great idea, too!


Meant to say: I may never think of Gimli the same way,

Edited at 2018-12-01 01:22 (UTC)
2nd Dec, 2018 22:11 (UTC)
We will see : it may be that there's something that will make us unsuitable for these particular kitties, but I am hopeful!

Kitties first, then I shall consider the whole dog situation once they are settled in. Tempting though it is to adopt ALL THE PETS, it makes sense to bring in cats so that any new dogs will have cats in situ when they arrive. Also I can't afford ALL the pets :-D
2nd Dec, 2018 22:44 (UTC)
I am imagining a new dog remarking to a slightly less new one "I see we have cats in situ."
1st Dec, 2018 10:01 (UTC)
Great painting.

So pleased to hear you plan to get some cats.
2nd Dec, 2018 22:48 (UTC)
Fingers crossed it all works out!
1st Dec, 2018 17:25 (UTC)
Congratulations on the adoptions!

Gothmog! Our first kitten was a perfect black beauty called Ramses. Black cats sure attract strong names! :)
2nd Dec, 2018 22:49 (UTC)
Ramses is a very majestic name. Gothmog rather less so, but I've wanted a black cat called Gothmog for years.
1st Dec, 2018 18:41 (UTC)
Good luck with the homecheck!
2nd Dec, 2018 22:49 (UTC)
Fingers crossed!
2nd Dec, 2018 15:19 (UTC)
Yay for the new kittens! (And yay from Bethran too - we're at Hard Rock Hell Vikings this weekend) I can't wait to see the pics, I bet Gothmog is adorable and I think you'll both be well suited to helping a nervous kitty gain confidence. Looking forward to meeting them both (as I'm sure you'll be fine with the homecheck).
2nd Dec, 2018 15:21 (UTC)
Oh and I meant to say as well that Gimli looks excellent! Your painting skills are getting really good, I'm very envious.
2nd Dec, 2018 23:53 (UTC)
Still a way to go, but I feel progress is happening slowly! I kind of want to paint all the player characters in Akallabutts, but I keep feeling that it would be nice to do it well, and at the moment my skills are still changing a lot.
2nd Dec, 2018 23:50 (UTC)
Hope it was a good weekend!

I'm just hoping that Rosie will behave herself around the kittens. I think we'll have to supervise very carefully for at least a couple of days. Fortunately she is very lazy!
3rd Dec, 2018 20:47 (UTC)
Black cats are the best! Currently if you count noses 2/3 of the cats in our house are black. If you go by mass it's more like...well, if you go by mass we probably have more like 6, but the black ones make up 4 of those by mass so I guess it's still 2/3.
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