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JRR Tolkien & Bilbo Baggins strolling along Merton Street, Oxford after the rain, smoking their pipes.

The exercise was supposed to be a seasonal one about how to paint wet pavement reflecting evening lights, since the rain is here for the autumn.  I'm not sure I entirely got the wet reflected light as shiny as it could be. but I'm quite pleased with the cobbles and the figures. Also pleased that I managed to restrain myself from drawing 999 details into the buildings and just going for light and shadow.

Also, here is Rosie Roo putting on a fine display of Celtic Knotwork Legs.


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24th Nov, 2018 21:47 (UTC)
That's a lovely picture - very evocative.
25th Nov, 2018 09:23 (UTC)
24th Nov, 2018 22:04 (UTC)
I see what you mean - I think the pavement is half dry after earlier rain :-) But as a picture of that state, it's very very good!

I can't see it as a city, though - I don't know Oxford, and it reminds me very strongly of some of the Fife villages.

*boggles at Rosie*

Edited at 2018-11-24 22:05 (UTC)
25th Nov, 2018 09:27 (UTC)
Oxford is odd as a city because so much of the centre is colleges and libraries rather than shops and businesses. This is definitely Merton Street, though I wonder if I've changed the proportions accidentally very fractionally, so that the buildings aren't quite as tall as they should be. Ah well. The paving was the focus, and I was deliberately trying not to overwork the buildings so it makes sense they might be slightly out.
25th Nov, 2018 11:14 (UTC)
Sorry - if that was a criticism, it was of Oxford for not looking citylike, not of your painting, which I thought was wonderfully clever in evoking a certain type of place! :)

Fife has quite a lot of 'leftover' medieval, mostly, I think, because it was never so rich again - no one afterwards could afford to knock down and rebuild on a grand scale. Presumably Oxford kept its old buildings for more enlightened reasons!
24th Nov, 2018 22:09 (UTC)
Oh! I think the wet pavement effect really works! I am impressed.

Rosie Roo's legs are also impressive!
25th Nov, 2018 09:27 (UTC)
I'm glad you like it! I don't know how Rosie sleeps like that but she seems happy.
24th Nov, 2018 22:44 (UTC)
A lovely painting of a lovely topic.

Rosie the yogini -- who knew?
25th Nov, 2018 09:28 (UTC)
She's definitely a yogini (what a great word!) Very flexible!
25th Nov, 2018 00:03 (UTC)
I thought of Oxford as soon as I saw your painting, was very pleased to see I was right :) I like the pavement effect and also the light from the lamps.

Rosie looks very snug :)
25th Nov, 2018 09:31 (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad it's recognisable. I had to make a couple of attempts at cobbles, but I think this works now.
25th Nov, 2018 14:32 (UTC)
Wow, Rosie is an impressively supple lady! :D
27th Nov, 2018 16:38 (UTC)
She certainly is! I'm not sure quite how it's comfortable to sleep like that, but sighthounds seem to do that sort of thing...
26th Nov, 2018 08:18 (UTC)
I love that painting!

Somehow the photo of Rosie reminds me alarmingly of the anamorphic skull in the Holbein painting, "The Ambassadors"...
27th Nov, 2018 16:43 (UTC)
How strange! My mind went direct to Northumbria's Golden Age...
29th Nov, 2018 04:05 (UTC)
I think it's her colour and notably skeletal appearance.

It's the sort of pose my cats adopt, too. And advanced yoga practitioners...
26th Nov, 2018 12:23 (UTC)
Lovely picture, very atmospheric :)

Wilbur is doing that exact same pose next to me on the sofa right now!
27th Nov, 2018 16:37 (UTC)
Nice work, Wilbur. Sleeping sighthound legs are so decorative and intricate!
27th Nov, 2018 15:55 (UTC)
Looking at Rosie, the tangles of Celtic and Norse knotwork make SO MUCH more sense now. I can totally see those pointy hounds from the Book of Kells.
27th Nov, 2018 16:36 (UTC)
I KNOW! I had always assumed those were very stylised, then I adopted sighthounds and realised they really do lie like that!

(This is the perfect icon for this : it's actually a drawing of one of my old lurchers also doing knotwork legs, but it looks like jewellery.)
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