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Inktober Day 5

Inktober Day 4: prompt: Chicken
And in that very moment, away behind in some courtyard of the City, a cock crowed. Shrill and clear he crowed, recking nothing of wizardry or war, welcoming only the morning that in the sky far above the shadows of death was coming with the dawn. And as if in answer there came from far away another note. Horns, horns, horns. In dark Mindolluin’s sides they dimly echoed. Great horns of the North wildly blowing. Rohan had come at last.

I still think this was a really good idea, even if I did execute it far too quickly so the horses are all kind of in the wrong places and there isn't enough emphasis on the horns.   I may count this one as a preliminary sketch & re-draw it sometime.


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5th Oct, 2018 22:51 (UTC)
I like this one a lot. I agree with you the horns could be more obvious. Maybe if you do a redraft you could make them a tad bit larger and in a contrasting color?
6th Oct, 2018 08:19 (UTC)
If I redraw it, I shall move Central Horse Guy left a bit and make him and his horn bigger and more foregroundy. I think that would do it.

I was slightly discombobulated that the cock, which came out very flowing and quickly when I sketched him on other paper, came out rather stiff and blobby when I put him on the ink-painting paper I wanted to use, and I didn't pencil him but went straight to ink, so I was committed. Well, committed unless I wanted to re-do it, which I didn't have time for...
8th Oct, 2018 15:36 (UTC)
I do like the horses, especially the manes/tails.

I am seeing this more in a landscape rather than a portrait, with more distance between the cock and the horses. That would give you more room to make the horns more prominent.

I think this comes from having seen a LOT of medieval miniatures with the horde of horses coming from the left and there being quite a lot of nominally empty space starting at about the middle of the complete image and covering at least a quarter of the page.
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