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Gambara the Volvo, with over 146,000 miles on the clock, passed her MOT with flying colours, and didn't even need a new tyre! 

Blimey they build Volvos solid.

What else has happened?  Pp and I went to Colin the Art's Open Studio private view thingy, and were much amused by this one of his paintings

Rosie Roo got a sore ear, I think possibly a wasp stung it.   She'll throw a wobbly if a vet tries to look at it, so I'm giving it a couple of days in the hope that it will be better on its own. 



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25th Sep, 2018 20:44 (UTC)
Poor Rosie! I sympathize with her. I hate to go to the doctor also! Hope the ear heals quickly. If it was a wasp, it probably will.

I love the painting. It's very clever.
27th Sep, 2018 20:22 (UTC)
Rosie's ear seems to have improved, so I think we have escaped the dreaded vet!
25th Sep, 2018 21:55 (UTC)
Well, you can't fault Colin's ambition!

Hope Rosie gets better all by herself.
27th Sep, 2018 20:22 (UTC)
Rosie is feeling much better. I shall be interested to find out tomorrow if anyone has bought the Tavistock Bull!
25th Sep, 2018 22:28 (UTC)
go car
great! long may you ramble..
; )

love that bull !!
; )

Edited at 2018-09-25 23:04 (UTC)
25th Sep, 2018 22:42 (UTC)
I'm glad Rosie isn't worse off after a wasp sting. George was stung under his back right leg and just managed to get home before collapsing; that leg was never quite the same again.
26th Sep, 2018 08:43 (UTC)
That painting! Colin is a man with skills *and* humor. It's fun to see what his work is like.

I passed a sign that said MOT the other day and meant to look up what it meant. You've reminded me, so now I have. Congratulations, Gambara!

I hope Rosie's ear is better soon.
26th Sep, 2018 15:32 (UTC)
Yay Gambara!!

I would love a Volvo but I can't afford the Volvo tax, so I'll have to be content with the Volkswagen tax instead.

Poor Rosie. When the floppy bits that you can't control hurt it's somehow worse than when it's something you can avoid using.
27th Sep, 2018 20:24 (UTC)
We need one giant car that we can shove vast numbers of roleplaying games into, hence the Volvo, which is very old and cheap, but so far has been surprisingly robust.
1st Oct, 2018 21:43 (UTC)
Sadly, the era of giant, old, and cheap Volvos seems to have passed on, here in the northern part of the US. The salt on the roads has eaten them all. I would love a giant car I could shove camping equipment into so that I didn't need the trailer, but instead I have compromised with a trailer and a not-so-giant VW Tiguan. On the plus side, it does have heated seats.
26th Sep, 2018 21:48 (UTC)
Bacchus thinks that's an excellent painting. I'm more of the 'my eyes, my eyes, what have I seen' and also 'why?!?!' opinion :-) Hope Rosie's ear is healing well & that's excellent news about the MOT.
27th Sep, 2018 20:25 (UTC)
:-DDD I rather like it. It's certainly lively... Rosie's ear seems to be much better so I am hoping we have escaped a vet visit!
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