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This was a standard exercise, using cloud, cliff and sea together to create a painting where the eye is drawn to the light in the middle distance, and a figure gives scale to the cliffs.  We all used different figures: obviously mine is Maglor.  This meant I had to explain Maglor to the art class.  They were a little puzzled, but seemed sympathetic! 


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17th Aug, 2018 20:46 (UTC)
I like it a lot!
The glimpse of the hand with the Silmaril in the frame is neat, too. Was the frame part of the exercise, too, or is it all your own addition?
17th Aug, 2018 20:56 (UTC)
The exercise required a canvas that was twice as deep as it was long, and I didn't have one.

I could have cut it to shape, but I have a couple of frames that fit A3 size boards, and nothing that fits a narrower image. I had thought of just painting the borders a plain colour or maybe adding curtains, but it didn't seem like the right location for a window, and then I thought if I added two stars with a harp and a hand, that would provide extra explanation. But then the harp and hand looked a bit isolated, and Colin the Art suggested some sort of 'celtic' border, so I went for a braid-sort-of thing.
18th Aug, 2018 06:14 (UTC)
I love it.
18th Aug, 2018 12:35 (UTC)
Lovely picture. I like the contrast between the colour of his clothes and the colour of his surroundings. I am, however, a little worried he's about to get cut off by the incoming tide. Or, at the very least, get very wet feet. But maybe his angst is too great for him to care about soggy toes.

Strangely, when I view this on my phone, the word "figure" appears as "div," even though no other word is changed. Considerable baffled googling ensued, to no avail. Finally I gave up and was going to ask you what it meant. Fortunately, I went to my computer to do so, so was able to see that actually you'd said nothing of the sort - just in time to abort what would have been an incomprehensible comment. It's all rather odd.
18th Aug, 2018 21:30 (UTC)
Someone else in the class had a very wild sea and put two small children in swimsuits, I feel that Maglor is probably better able to survive wet feet. Anyway, he's an elf, he can probably shin up the cliff.

How strange your mobile did that. I would suspect a page misload, only it's weird that it should happen in the middle of a sentence!
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