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Plymouth Fireworks Championship

 On Wednesday we went to Saltash, to join a boat trip going to see the fireworks in Plymouth (the competition runs for two nights, and three professional fireworks companies compete on each night. )   I realised in the car on the way that my hair was down and I had forgotten to bring anything to prevent it flying in my eyes if it should be windy, so, remembering a post I saw somewhere about hair found in a (I think) bronze age tomb, I did this:

I'm quite proud of it, it stayed up all evening with no pins or ties or anything!  (I did have to repair it slightly at one point, but otherwise I forgot about it)

We were waiting a little while for the boat, so here's a photo of the statue of Ann Glanville, the famous 19th century gig rower from Saltash.  The figure is supposed to speak if you press a button, but I didn't.

It had poured with rain all day up in our village, and looking upstream, it looked like it probably was still raining there!  We were a bit worried about the weather.

The boat arrives!  (No kayakers were slain in the process)

Out on the river heading for Plymouth and the skies clearing.  Here's the Cremyll ferry which runs across the river from Plymouth to the Mount Edgecumbe estate in Cornwall.  I've still never taken the ferry, though I've walked past both ends of the route many times.

I think this is called Devil's Point, because of the fierce current in the river past this point.

Sun going down and little boats.  This one had a red sail but my camera has struggled with the colours...

We got to the Barbican as the sun was setting.  That is the Citadel looming against the sky.  It was built in the 1660s for the Dutch wars.  Apparently Samuel Pepys disapproved of it and said it had been built  "very sillily".  It's still in use as an artillery base, but there's a grassy slope up to the outer walls which is a good place to sit and watch the fireworks: we've done that in the past.

The bangs begin!

A break between the bangs - looking out over the assembled boats. 

I was cold after the bangs had finished, so I retired to the cabin to warm up and didn't watch the boats all speeding back to their various moorings.
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