bunn (bunn) wrote,

In which I supply Paper to the NHS.

Today I was waiting at the GP's surgery for an appointment when the gas leak alarm went off.  We all duly evacuated to the car park, where I was annoyed to find I'd left my hat behind in the waiting room.  Fortunately I had brought my sketchbook, so I sketched for a bit while everyone milled around discussing how long it would take for an engineer to turn up to check if the gas leak was real or not.

One of the doctors enterprisingly continued consulting in her car, since her patient was very old and frail and she was worried about him sitting on a wall in the sun.

Eventually they gave up hope that an engineer would arrive promptly, so they tried to take names of people who were waiting to send them away to call them back later, only nobody had brought any paper to write the names down on. So I pulled paper out of my sketchpad and supplied that. :-D
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