bunn (bunn) wrote,

Things I wrote

I seem to have failed on the posting things here front for a while -  when it comes to written things anyway, so here is a quick list.

Lands of the March : Maedhros, Amrod & Amras talking about who gets which lands and why.

Cool Water on a Hot Day : I'm quite proud of this one: Torhthelm, Feanor & Nerdanel meeting in Anglo-saxon Essex: a Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son and Silmarillion fusion.  Because why not! :-D

Heroic Hearts ; Maedhros makes his first visit back to Hithlum after leaving for the March of Maedhros. Fingon offers a gift.

And then I added a chapter to: The Lands of Weeping and of War : which is my 1937 Silmarillion ending story, where Maglor hangs out with Elrond instead of wandering off along the shore alone.

And a chapter to A New Road or a Secret Gate, which is Elrohir adventuring around Beleriand Risen.  With Feanor, Amrod, Amras & tentacles.

Feel a bit guilty about those last two because normally I don't post stuff until I have an ending in mind, and those two I'm not at all sure where they are going.  Oh well! 
Tags: noldor, silmarillion, tolkien, writing

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