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50 brushstrokes

The idea of this exercise was to make a painting with 50 strokes of the brush, to make it important to think about each brush stroke (not including background).  I added probably another 50 after the initial outline, but I'm still pleased by how fast I made this. It took maybe an hour.

I went to a workshop this weekend on aggression & prey drive with Jim Greenwood.  I've wanted to attend one of his workshops for ages: he has a great reputation for expertise with lurchers in particular, so although Rosie has actually improved hugely and is now a pretty easy dog to have about, I grabbed the opportunity when I heard he was holding a session locally.  (He set off at 5:30am and drove down from Scotland!  Then he camped over in the field where we were training!)   It was a really interesting session, and Rosie was pronounced 'bulletproof' for being relatively unreactive.  All the other dogs present were male, and most were also smaller than her, which definitely helped. She generally likes small male dogs. Also, it was pretty warm (though nothing like as hot on a hilltop in the breeze from the sea than it is in the east of the country, I hear) and so she was quiet and happy and dozy.  She's always better natured when it's warm. But still!

A lot of the techniques were things I'd already read about or tried, but there were some new things, and it was really good to see how an expert does things and to be able to ask questions and hear about the experiences of the other attendees. 


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25th Jul, 2018 06:42 (UTC)
That is wonderful. I love the fluidity of movement - almost like a Chinese ink painting.

Sounds like a really good workshop.
27th Aug, 2018 10:51 (UTC)
I've been Away, so, am catching up with the f-list. That is a very nice painting. You're good at animals in movement.

My cats have prey drive in spades, being still quite young. The only thing that distracts Lap-cat when he is on my lap having the base of his spine stroked is the sudden sight of BIRDS outside, seen over my shoulder through the French windows behind me.
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