bunn (bunn) wrote,

Sunset painting and a drawing.

I thought I'd try replicating the sunset light of the evening walk and the first stars coming out.  Still haven't quite got skies down.  I think I need to thin the paint more so it goes on more evenly, though I like the glowing effect.  It's still hot, so still walking late and early.  Well, fairly early.  Early in the 8am sense, not in the 4am sense!  And stopping at streams.  I must say it's much easier walking with a saluki-cross than it used to be with a greyhound, where I had to be so very careful to plan walks that included shade and water.  Most of the time Rosie isn't even panting.  She's outside in the sun right now, in her bed on the patio, and showing no signs of being too hot.

Went to a christening yesterday. I must confess I have some reservations about the we will have a christening because the Old People Like It thing, when it's pretty clear that a lot of the people present are going through the motions of affirming things they don't agree with and will not do.  But then, I was christened myself and I don't think it did any harm.  (My sister wasn't.  I reminded my mother that this resulted in various episodes in our joint childhood where I threatened to sprinkle my sister with holy water to try to get her to explode.  She groaned. :-D)

And I quickly drew a Curufin.  It's not great, but I'm quite pleased about how fast I drew it. Practice is good practice!
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