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River and Sea

It has been far too hot recently, and mostly we have done very little.  But on Sat evening and Sunday evening we bestirred ourselves to catch the tide.

It was too hot for energetic paddling on Saturday.  We found a saltmarsh on the Bere Peninsula, had a picnic and then mooched very gently around it enjoying the cool of the water and what cloud there was.

We saw a great number of jellyfish back in the main river, but photographing jellyfish with a phone camera seemed doomed to disappointment so I didn't even try.

Slightly cooler on Sunday evening, and very still, so we decided to go to sea.   Well, Plymouth, anyway, which being sheltered by the outer breakwater is suitably calm and easy paddling for our canoe, which is very much Not A Sea Canoe.

We saw two peregrine falcons!  Really close, too though sadly I only had my old phone camera with me and it's very much not designed for photographing birds as you can see from the two dots sitting on the rocks below...

You can see how clear the water was approaching these caves.  It was full of long reaching tendrils of waterweed that were just a little bit too like tentacles...

And here's a view from the little cove we explored, the phone has made it look a bit more sunsetty than it was.  We got back to the quay just after sunset, it was still very light.

This is more what it looked like an hour or so later, when the sun was really setting and we were coming back towards Plymouth Hoe.  You can just see the stripy shape of the Smeaton's Tower lighthouse and the war memorial behind it.


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4th Jul, 2018 15:34 (UTC)
Gorgeous photos!

I am disappointed that jellyfish are one of those things that Cannot Be Photographed.
5th Jul, 2018 11:19 (UTC)
I wished I'd brought my proper camera on both days, so I don't know why I failed to bring it the second day! (Well, I do. I have this worry that I'm going to drop it in the drink. But it is quite elderly now that camera, so I probably could risk it!)
5th Jul, 2018 14:49 (UTC)
Lovely pics! :-)
5th Jul, 2018 15:14 (UTC)
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