bunn (bunn) wrote,

I don't know why I wrote this

But for some reason I did.

The Lands of Weeping and of War 8520 words (so far)  Maglor, brought to Mithlond by Elrond, has bad dreams, meets some of the Edain who follow Elrond, has an encounter with an old friend, and talks with Celebrimbor and Elros.
Continues my Quenta Narquelion timeline into the 1937 Silmarillion ending where Maglor & Elrond hang out together after the War of Wrath.

I wanted to write about the released thralls of Angband but I ended up writing more about the Edain and the Feanorian remnant.  But I think I will write more of this so I'm posting it unfinished as chapter 1 and will see where it goes.
Tags: noldor, tolkien, writing

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