bunn (bunn) wrote,

Just dropping off some arty stuffs...

Bilbo & Elrond
I'm not sure I posted this one when I first painted it, because the faces made me wince a bit and the posture seemed wrong.   Anyway, I looked at it again in the light of my Recent Learnings, repainted Elrond's head entirely and did some stuff with the foreground contrast and detail.  I like it better now, though I wonder if I'll want to repaint it again if I look at it next year!

Previous version & a Morgoth under the cut

This was the previous version, the head on the right is the wrong shape/size, his eyes are weird, and the contrast on Bilbo is weak.  I can see it now!

Here's a poured acrylic Morgoth. He's very shiny.
Tags: arty stuff, tolkien

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