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Aulë : The Great Smith

His lordship is over all the substances of which Arda is made. In the beginning he wrought much in fellowship with Manwë and Ulmo; and the fashioning of all lands was his labour. He is a smith and a master of all crafts, and he delights in works of skill, however small, as much as in the mighty building of old. His are the gems that lie deep in the Earth and the gold that is fair in the hand, no less than the walls of the mountains and the basins of the sea.

More acrylic pourings overpainted with a face, and this time I used Indian Ink in a spray bottle on the poured wet paint to do the darkness in the corners, which seems to have worked quite well.  I liked the effect enough that I bought some more indian ink, in yellow, blue and vermilion red, to put in my spare spray-bottles.  Ink is excellently cheap compared with paint and pouring medium (pouring medium is quite expensive for some reason), and I like the way ink squirts and drops.
Tags: acrylics, arty stuff, ink, tolkien

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