bunn (bunn) wrote,

Yesterday the cat exploded


Three weeks ago, Yama Bungle had an abcess on his neck.  He had it lanced and an antibiotic jab, and it seemed that all was well, until yesterday, when, he exploded dramatically all over the utility room, sending goo in all directions.  I have just finished (I hope) scrubbing it off the washing machine where I had not initially spotted the contamination...

Ah, cats.  Anyway, back to the vet this morning, where he was very annoyed, growled a lot, menaced a couple of dogs,  and had another antibiotic, a swab test in case he has an antibiotic-resistant strain of exploding bug and a course of new and different antibiotics.  Oh, and had his claws clipped in the hope that we won't get quite so perforated when we practice A Cat is Basically A Tube pill insertion over the next week.  I never think of cutting cat claws, since usually they keep them trim themselves, but Yama's were rather long and it's not as if he goes out much any more, prefering to linger indoors where he can explode over our possessions more spectacularly. 
Tags: cats, whinge, whining

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