bunn (bunn) wrote,

I am In Charge

Pp has gone off to a game expo leaving me in command of the Shop on the Borderlands.  I fear I am inevitably going to screw something up, and am in suspense as to what it will be.

I rummaged on my phone and found a few photos I meant to post.  This is not my painting, it's someone else in my art class, but I liked it because of the people nattering in the background and the tea and biscuits makes such a nice contrast with the rather austere Art.

I've been meaning for years to take a photo of this old house when the wisteria is in bloom, and recently I finally walked past and had my phone to hand and it had some battery.  But the medievalishness of it doesn't come through so well in the photo, and you can't smell the flowers.

Tags: arty stuff, tamar valley

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