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I am In Charge

Pp has gone off to a game expo leaving me in command of the Shop on the Borderlands.  I fear I am inevitably going to screw something up, and am in suspense as to what it will be.

I rummaged on my phone and found a few photos I meant to post.  This is not my painting, it's someone else in my art class, but I liked it because of the people nattering in the background and the tea and biscuits makes such a nice contrast with the rather austere Art.

I've been meaning for years to take a photo of this old house when the wisteria is in bloom, and recently I finally walked past and had my phone to hand and it had some battery.  But the medievalishness of it doesn't come through so well in the photo, and you can't smell the flowers.


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31st May, 2018 00:40 (UTC)
I ADORE these photos! They are amazing. The art class and the houses are wonderful. I would hate to have to choose my favorite among them.
31st May, 2018 09:19 (UTC)
The house is beautiful! If it's even more medieval in reality, than in photo, then I envy you watching it from time to time.
31st May, 2018 14:35 (UTC)
Wisteria is so lovely, it's a shame it's an invasive species here. It grows all over the southern US and strangles trees.
31st May, 2018 23:31 (UTC)
You might sell someone a painting who was expecting a game...
3rd Jun, 2018 08:23 (UTC)
I really hope I have not sold anyone a game who was expecting a different game with a very similar title! Paintings would be harder to muddle!
2nd Jun, 2018 17:24 (UTC)
I like that house. Here in Moldova they have no respect whatsoever for their old village houses which are practical, look great and fit into the landscape perfectly. They just demolish them and build oversized concrete monstrosities (with no architects / designers involved) and cover them in Chinese vinyl siding. They look awful, they are too big and not practical to live in or often even finish and many end up empty. When we were restoring our house to its former "glory" using the old photos and local craftsmen and modernising it inside and extending it, the locals were very confused and surprised that we did not just demolish the old house and build a four story concrete cube covered in shiny plastic instead. Now Elizabeth is getting her house here renovated and she does it like we did it which confuses the hell out of many locals again.
3rd Jun, 2018 08:22 (UTC)
I suppose we went through something like that here too at one time, which is why the remaining old houses are few and treasured. Fortunate there was less plastic then, though there are still an alarming number of buildings here covered in asbestos!

I wonder what the attraction of plastic siding is, other than it's cheap.
5th Jun, 2018 08:07 (UTC)
I somehow didn't realize you guys were game folks outside of RPGs.

I should hit you up sometime for boardgame recommendations. Fiance and I have a very small (3 game) collection and once we've played all of them, we'll probably buy more. (We have Pandemic, Elder Sign, and Dominion, and actually haven't played any of them.) We've mostly only played with other people's board games, but enough to know we really like them. For a game to be good for us, it has to play WELL for 2 players, and ideally we'd like to be able to expand to 3-4 players. If it can expand beyond that, great. Fiance doesn't like Risk and seems to prefer slightly more complex mechanics; I like strategy games. Medium play length (say 30mins to 2 hours) is ideal, though fiance goes for shorter games. I like board games best, but also enjoy card games.
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